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Some of GraphixRob Studios 'most recent' (spring/summer/fall 2009) artwork...

** Click on the image to check out the high-resolution view **

3D images

Moebius Flight
Created with Vue, Groboto and Photoshop software

View of the Mothership
Created with Vue, 3ds max and Photoshop software

Reconstruction Reptiles
Created with Vue, Groboto and Photoshop software

The Quest
Created with Vue, 3ds max and Photoshop software

Meltdown @ Nuclear City
Created with Vue, Groboto and Photoshop software

Jungle Invasion
Created with Vue, 3ds max, Groboto and Photoshop software

Vertical Castle II
Created with Vue, 3ds max and Photoshop software



A pencil drawing of Megan Fox

A pencil drawing of the stars from the popular Twilight movie and book series

A concept pencil drawing of Ryan Reynolds as The Green Lantern from the upcoming movie

GraphixRob Studios ~June 2009

A quick update on things:

See GraphixRob Studios artwork in the FUTR WRLD book

Go to the Book Release Party.

The date, place and time has been set for the FUTR WRLD publication international debut

Here are some images of the very cool book store and artspace venue (from the wejetset website):

Brooklyn's Zakka Book Store and Art Space

zakka book store

A few weeks back while attending the New York Photo Festival we stumbled across Zakkaa curious book store with a phenomenal collection of design publications. We entered the store with the intention of staying for a few minutes, but we ended up being there for more than an hour.

Zakka defines themselves as a book store and artist space. With their focus squarely on design, a careful curation guides you through select magazines, inspiring books on topics like photography and architecture, and other unique collectibles. Their branch office is located in Japan, and as part of their mission they highlight the latest in Japanese subculture. Next time you visit Dumbo, Brooklyn, be sure to stop by. Click Read More for additional information and photos about one of our favorite stores.

zakka book store

zakka book store

zakka book store

zakka book store

zakka book store

zakka book store

zakka book store

zakka book store

zakka book store

/// Details about Zakka

155 Plymouth St
(between Jay St & Pearl St)
New York, NY 11201
(718) 801-8037
Transit – York Street (F train) / High Street (A & C train)

Check out the Previews June 09 website featuring
Rob Hassan
as Star Artist of the Month

The image is based on the movie:
'X Men Origins: Wolverine' starring Hugh Jackman
Thanks again to the crew at Diamond Comics and Previews magazine for the great honor!

Digital Dragon Magazine
has announced that they will be using artwork from GraphixRob Studios for the cover of issue #1.

The winning artwork from the cover contest is 'Beginnings'

Thanks to the folks at Digital Dragon for selecting the artwork and
best of luck with the new venture!


Get 'The Very Best of Graphixrob' book: here

Get the (not for children) movie featuring Graphixrob's artwork: here

Get the Graphixrob 'Twin Mountain Guardians' poster: here

Remember WWDD 6507


The Best is Yet to Come...

Rob Hassan
'GraphixRob' Studios
(847) 606-4147

Artwork links:
Graphixrob Imagine FX Gallery


GraphixRob in Futr Wrld publication

Antimotion + Floating Gat recently released the long awaited 2009 FUTR WRLD book. This beautiful coffee table book is an open source collaboration that invited artists to:

1. Create a conceptual rendering of speculative visions of the future

2. To envision earth's inhabitants and enviorments in the year 2060.

These are the GraphixRob Studios images used in the book:

Artists from all over the world participated in the competition.
These were the contests listed guidelines:

Visual basis analysis will consist of the following guidelines:
- The living space
- Communication
- Evolution of the human body / biotech enhancement
- Transportation and movement
- Fashion - Urban / Suburban society
- War
- Entertainment / Gaming

Work is showcased in a limited edition art-book and the published art will be featured in a subsequent gallery exhibition in New York.

The NY show is TBA...so stay tuned.

Hair Wars
GraphixRob Studios teamed up with AMBRA Salon on March 15, 2009 to compete in a WILD competition of hair and fashion...

The Supreme Salon Tour showcased the talent of local Salons competing to become the Supreme Salon at the finals held in Las Vegas, NV.

The judges for the competition at Chicago's REDNOFIVE were Stephen Rosengard from BRAVO’s Project Runway, famed photographer David Anthony and Blanca Delgado from America’s Beauty Show. The judges chose the three most creative and talented salons. The three winners received a cash prize and the opportunity to advance to the national competition in Las Vegas to win the coveted title.

The gorgeous Ambra models were dressed in fantastic costumes and artistically decorated with face and body paint to achieve a 'Jungle Woman' appearence...

Below are a few of the models that were body painted by GraphixRob!
(It was a tough job, but someone had to do it..)


Prepare to be blown away by this highlight clip of the Fantastic Groundbreaking Fashion/Hair Show of the Future...Hair Wars!

http://vimeo.com/3982562 from GLAM LIVE on Vimeo.

Ambra Salon came in 3rd place in the fierce competition!!
(quite respectable since this was the first year the salon competed).
What a great time, we can't wait until next year!

CGW (Computer Graphics World)
The Magazine Website promoted GraphixRob's artwork and bio (below) for the entire months of March and April

For all practical purposes, Rob Hassan is a self-taught artist. He has attended many traditional drawing and painting classes over the years, with the pinnacle being at the School of Visual Arts (NYC). He often attends classes to learn some of the newer programs and more advanced 3D techniques. Rob is also a member of AUGI Autodesk Users Group (the makers of 3ds Max) where the members meet monthly to socialize, demonstrate new cg techniques, and review the latest 3D software advances.
His CG artwork has been displayed in Chicago’s “Echo Gallery” and has received art awards in Hollywood, California, and Brisbane, Australia, and Trieste, Italy.

Rob is a freelance 2D and 3D artist currently seeking a steady position within the video game or comic book industry. He offers an eclectic mix and variety of art styles. For the past 9 years, he has focused on CG art utilizing several 2D and 3D software programs including: 3ds Max, Vue, Groboto, Poser, Daz 3D, and Adobe Photoshop. "The end product is usually a mix of a few of these programs" he says. Rob is constantly upgrading his workstation; currently he works on a HP dual core machine with 4GB of RAM and vray or mental ray render engines.

Rob’s inspiration is drawn from many sources, including various CG artists, classic fantasy painters, science fiction movies, classic Universal monsters, contemporary art, and comic book art.

The permanent CGW gallery of

GraphixRob Studios artwork

Thanks again to the folks at CGW magazine website for the 1st rate promotion and the classy feature.

Great Job CGW!!



The ultimate Fantasy Artwork site on the web is at it again...

The webzine Amazing Events #3 is available now as a full download or print a copy through Lulu.com!

GraphixRob's artwork was featured in AE #2 (see previous blog entry) and additional new artwork will be seen in issue #4 (available soon).

Fantasyana is a community dedicated to Digital and Traditional Art. It's a great place to upload and showcase your own artworks, receiveing comments and constructive critiques from the other members.There are also nice forums where you'll meet other artists in order to exchange ideas, receive suggestions, improve your skills, show your works in progress and chat a bit.

This outstanding website continues to attract the best artists and the most fantastic (traditional and CG) fantasy artwork.
Check it out!
Previews Magazine

GraphixRob Studios was just notified that Rob Hassan will be honored as the June 2009 'Star Artist of the Month'.

Check out this months 'Star' and fanart webpage gallery here:Previews

A Huge THANKS! to Vince and everybody over at Diamond Comics and Previews Magazine...pick up the June issue at your local comic shop!


New and recent GraphixRob Studios artwork

created for projects, contests, portfolio or just for the hell of it...

*click on the image for a high resolution view*


The best is yet to come...


Remember: WWDD 65-07


Rob Hassan
'GraphixRob' Studios
(847) 606-4147

Artwork links:
Graphixrob Imagine FX Gallery
Graphixrob Renderosity Gallery

GraphixRob Studios ~ Feb 2009

Happy 2009!


is a new graphic image e-commerce site that accepted several of my images.
The image 'Visit to Twin Mountain' was submitted and it won the grand prize in their first website contest.

They wrote some very nice words about the artwork:

We are happy to announce you are the winner of our Holiday Contest for your entry “ Twin Mountain Visitors”!

The jury’s verdict:

Even though this image is available for download in a small size only and there were 3D images with a more refined postwork finish, our jury absolutely favoured this one!

What made this image stand out, is the remarkable fantasy landscape composition. The beautiful surreal scenery of a city carried by two statue guardians with the contrast adding to the depth of the image.

Much thanks to Astrid and the folks at eyelikeimages.com for the recognition and the generous prize...visit the site soon and check out all of the exceptional art.

is a community dedicated to Digital and Traditional Art where you can upload and showcase your own artwork. Receive comments and constructive critiques from the other members.

There are also nice forums where you'll meet other artists in order to exchange ideas, receive suggestions, improve your skills, show your works in progress and chat a bit.

Fantasyana.com publishes a e-magazine called
Amazing Events
They've been kind enough to include some of my artwork in the second Amazing Events issue. (see details below...)


The first issue of AMAZING EVENTS is made by 112 pages of great images of the galleries by wonderful artists such as Alan Lathwell, Nick Harris, Veronica Atanacio, Nick Deligaris, Duc Truong Huyen, Olga Dobrowska and many other more, composing a total of 18 artists.

Together with the above are three interesting and full coloured interviews with three big names in the illustration field: the norwegian Henning Ludvigsen, the german Joerg Warda and the british Andy Jones ...
Amazing Events 001 is available in the fine printed version or the hi-res PDF version

The 147 pages of AMAZING EVENTS issue #002 are featuring great image galleries from amazing artists such as Jennie Yuen, Alejandro Gutierrez, Jamie Shaw, I Made Marthana Yusa, Minna Sundberg, Karin Schmitt and many others more.

Together with the full coloured pages of the galleries there are cool interviews with huge talented artists Diane Ă–zdamar, Daniela Uhlig, Cris Ortega and Billy Limerick ...
Amazing Events 002 is available in the fine printed version or the hi-res PDF version

The book is available to download @ Lulu.com

  • Hi-Res downloadable PDF format
Support independent publishing: buy this book on Lulu.
  • Via print on demand service by Lulu.com

Visit the Fantasyana.com website and please feel free to download Amazing Events #2. It is available in the fine printed version or the hi-res superior quality PDF.

Get yours today!


Computer Graphics World (CGW)

CGW is one of the premier sources for cutting edge CG technology and computer graphics in general today.
CGW regularly explores how leading-edge graphics techniques, including 3D modeling, animation and visualization are used in various industries internationally.

They have offered to showcase the latest artwork from Graphixrob Studios on their CGW website gallery starting in March/April of 09.

Stay tuned...when I get more info I will pass it along.

The 4oth issue of ImagineFX should be hitting the North American shores any day now..

Look for Graphixrob Studios artwork on the DVD that is packaged with the magazine.

This is how the DVD screen shot looked last time (issue #33) it was featured on the DVD.

ImagineFX magazine, the DVD and the website are always produced with style, professionalism and are always very informative.

Here are some of the latest creations from Graphixrob Studios using 3ds Max, Vue, Groboto, Poser and Photoshop software.

**Click the images for high resolution views**

Thanks for taking time to read this nonsense. The best is yet to come...

Remember: WWDD 6507

Rob Hassan
'GraphixRob' Studio Phone (847) 245-4147
Cell (847) 606-4147
Email: rob@hassanproductions.com
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Graphixrob Imagine FX Gallery