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The International Digital Visual Arts Show is happening now!
Details below:

PRESS RELEASE Trieste, Italy 23 November 2007



Winning and finalist images to be seen at:

And at the State Library in Trieste from 23rd November to 15th December 2007

Promoted by:

Acquamarina – Associazione Culturale

With the support of:

Regional Committee for Education, Culture, Sport and Peace;

Credito Cooperativo del Carso

In cooperation with:

Ministry for Arts and Culture; State Library of Trieste

The competition – organised and run on the web and devoted to computer-processed graphic and photographic images – aroused the interest of 410 artists from 55 different countries.

The winning 30 images will be on display until 15th December, together with 25 works by Riccardo Paci, winner of the 2006 edition of "The Brain Project". The State Library is located at 6, Largo Papa Giovanni XXIII and entrance to the exhibition is free. Opening hours: 8.30 am-6.30 pm from Monday to Friday, 8.30-1.30 pm on Saturday.

All the works posted on the competition website, the 30 best images and Riccardo Paci’s works can be seen at

The international competition “The Brain Project” was organised with the support of the Regional Committee for Education, Culture, Sport and Peace of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region, Credito Cooperativo del Carso/ Zadružna Kraška Banka, in cooperation with the Ministry for Arts and Culture and the State Library in Trieste.

The competition aroused the interest of 410 artists from every corner of the world: 208 from Italy, 36 from the USA, 17 from Germany, 12 from Great Britain, 8 from the Netherlands, 7 from France, the Czech Republic and India, 6 from Brazil and Japan. Other applications came from major European and western countries including Australia, Canada, Mexico, Norway, Poland, Slovenia, Croatia and Israel, but also from China, Russia, Turkey, Egypt, Indonesia, Myanmar, Pakistan, African countries and Latin America.

The subject matter was “Attraction”. Through different photo, photo retouching, graphic, and digital painting techniques participants represented this subject in an evocative, surreal, highly imaginative way without forgetting other aspects, like irony and social criticism.

Participants worth mentioning include Japanese digital artist Nakamura Kazuhiko, who took inspiration from Kafka’s story and Arcimboldo’s paintings to create his “Metamorphosis”, Russian Sergey Skachkov, from Novosibirsk, who depicted a disturbing image of modern, labyrinth-like cities. If Israeli Moran Barak, from Tel Aviv, created a bright, graphic-pictorial image of friends gathered around a bonfire, Italian Rita Soccio, from Recanati, used a good deal of amused irony to represent the bizarre Proper/Star family, originating from the love of two very popular cartoon characters used in TV ads.

Images posted on the competition website were anonymously analysed by a jury of experts. The thirty best images they selected were published on the competition magazine, including 25 works by artist and computer scientist Riccardo Paci, from Florence. His personal exhibition include some printings and oil on canvas pictures with three different subject matters: “Acqua” (Water), “Stella” (Star) and “Occhio” (Eye). With one of these images, a puzzle of digital images forming a big eye, Paci won the first edition of “The Brain Project” competition, in which 309 artists from 42 different countries participated.

Further information in Italian and English can be found at


Members of the jury for “The brain project 2007” were:

Riccardo Baldassarri - photographer – founder of the competition (Trieste)

Annamaria Castellan – president of Associazione Acquamarina and award organiser (Trieste)

Emanuela De Marchi – film director, president of “Mis Mas eventi”, working in the show and training business (Milan)

Antonio Giusa - curator of “Spilimbergo fotografia “(Udine)

Riccardo Paci - winner of “The brain project 2006” edition, artist and computer engineer (Florence)

Tatjana Rojc – literary critic – Univeristy of Udine

Alessandro Rosada - gallery manager (Trieste)

FOR EDITORIAL OFFICES: information in Italian and English, competition logo and competition images in a high definition format can be downloaded at the press office website:

My entry made it into the top 30 (out of 410 entries)

See the top 30 entries here


FUTR WRLD/Antimotion has asked artists from all over the world to participate.
My CG (science fiction) artwork was selected to be showcased in a limited first edition numbered 'spacebook' along with a special edition print.

There will be a FUTR WRLD exhibition and book viewing at a NYC gallery to be announced.

FUTR WRLD is an open source collaborative effort among artist to create a conceptual rendering of earth and its inhabitants in the year 2060.
The contest is based on the following theme:

- Future of the living space
- Future communication
- Evolution of the human body / biotech enhancement
- Future of transportation and movement
- Future of fashion
- Urban / suburban society
- Future of war
- Future entertainment / gaming

Stay tuned in for the time and place of the FUTR WRLD ~ NYC gallery show...


'My Toons' Congratulations!

Much thanks to Raleigh @ for the great prize and recognition

Raleigh writes:
The image Dragon Storm has been chosen as a winner for our Bust In And Win contest. In addition we will add your picture to our Hall Of Fame.

See the winning image here


The Movie: Demi the Demoness is well underway and GraphixRob Studios has contributed several 3D still shots to the effort.

The word on the street is that they actually start to film in January/Febuary 2008

Preview images:

More on the Demi movie asap...


Mysterious Visions After Hours #2 is now available

Price: $4.95

56 pg. Full Size, B+W w/color cover, First Printing, January 2008.

Edited by Tomm Gabbard, with work by Alexander Violette,Michael Sumislaski, Mike Jasorka, Kenneth Olson, Chris McJunkin, Wendell Fowler, Andrew Dawe-Collins, Bart A Thompson, Paul Shultz, Brant Fowler, Ozzy Langoria, Crisman Strunk, Marco Antonio Najera,

and cover by Rob Hassan.

The long awaited second issue of Dimestore's mature readers horror anthology!

Piloted by new editor / art director Tomm Gabbard and a team of increadibly talented writers and artists bringing the finest in chills, thrills and spills sit back, dim the lights, and enjoy the ride!

Pick it up today!

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