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This just in...we received a email from SS Crompton and it looks like there is speculation about a sequel to the Demi the Demoness movie!

GraphixRob studios has been confirmed to be a contributor of artwork to the sequel...

Demi the Demoness Movie – Will there be a Sequel?

People keep asking if there is going to be a second Demi movie. Ironically, even people who haven’t bought the first episode, want to know if they’ll be another one. We of course would love to do another one, but there’s a reason that even large companies like Fox and Warner Brothers take several years between movies. One of those reasons is to determine of there is long-term interest in the 1st movie. The sales on the first Demi movie have been good, but we were told early on that it might take a year of more for the film to earn back it’s production costs. And for a porn like ours, the costs were higher than normal. We had to make a special costume for Demi. We had better sets, props, and music than a lot of pornos do, and we had special effects, something most pornos don’t have at all. And because of all this, it was harder to shoot the Demi movie as well.
The good news is that the first film came out really great. All the pieces came together better than we had hoped. It could very easily have been a disaster that was neither sexy, funny or like the Demi comics. Instead we got something that really IS like the Demi comics and the girls who played Demi & Vampirooni, were perfect for the parts and the two had a great chemistry that shows up in the finished film. We also had a great villainess in Lyssa, and in fact right now, we are working on a Special Demi Movie tie-in comic that will chronicle the early years of Lyssa and her Nazi grandfather. It will also feature a story showing how Vampirooni ran across the Thule Gestaff during the 1930’sBut back to the movie sequel – the bad news is that Ellie Idol has retired from the porn industry. In fact, Demi was the last adult movie she did. So if we do a sequel, we’ll have to get a new actress to play Demi. And we have to sell enough of the current movie to convince our co-production partners on this film that it’s worth all the extra trouble and effort to do another one. Remember that from their standpoint, the Demi movie makes them less money than one of their other movies, since they are splitting the proceeds with Carnal Comics. So I guess the bottom line here is only time will tell. We have sold a bunch so far and the sales at San Diego Comic Con were amazing. We sold more Demi Movies then anything else I’ve ever sold at the Comic Con. We actually ran out and had to send someone back to LA to get more.

We are planning to be at Phoenix Comic Con in January & WonderCon at the End of February, so stop by and met the actress that played Vampirooni!And if you have a friend that might like a copy of the DVD for Christmas, or you still haven’t gotten a copy of your own – now is the time to get yours! Some people have gotten a copy to play at their Halloween party this year – I mean it does star lesbian demoness, a witch & vampiress – where else can you get that?

Now you can Download the Demi the Demoness Movie!
You’ve heard about the Demi the Demoness Movie on DVD, but now you can download the movie directly into your computer for only $21. That’s a savings of $9 over the price of the DVD (including shipping)The movie stars Ellie Idol as Demi the Demoness, Sinn Sage as Vampirooni and Audrey Elson as Lyssa the Witch, a Nazi descendent attempting to open a portal so that "The Dark Ones" can enter and rule the Earth. She needs mystical and sexual energy greater than her own, and kidnaps the fun-loving Demoness and her undead friend to drain their energy. There's plenty of humor, puns and visual jokes throughout the film and in between the sex scenes, which captures the light-hearted nature of the comic books. In addition to the Demi the Demoness Movie, the download includes extras: an intro section with Demi & Vampirooni's origins, & a great behind the scenes feature with outtakes.

The Demi the Demoness Movie is for Adults Only, in widescreen ratio and stereo sound, and sells for $21.00. (the DVD is $25 + $5 shipping) They are both available only from the website
www.demidemonessmov ie.com Demi (& Carnal's) comic book catalog is available at www.demicomix. com Go here to see what some of the fans have said so far:http://www.demidemo nessmovie. com/DemiMovieRev iews.html
If you want to get your copy now just go to our handy order page:
http://www.demidemo nessmovie. com/DemiDemoness DVDOrder. html
The Demi movie is $25 plus $5 shipping. You can also order the dvd with check or Money order. Send $25 +$5 shipping to:
OPUS GRAPHICSPO BOX 2068 , Scottsdale , AZ 85252

Stay tuned for more info.

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