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New News

Heading into Fall 07...a few projects are keeping me busy including:

~Several new pencil images were created for the WizardWorld convention over the past several months (view here). Thanks to everyone who purchased the prints! I sold over 150 copies of the artwork over the 3 day show and met many cool people.
The best sellers this year were 'Heroes', Batman 'The Dark Knight', 'Hulk II' and 'Iron Man'...

~Anticipating the new Iron Man movie coming out in 08' The folks from the Robert Downey Jr fan site asked to use my concept image of the movie's characters for their gallery. (Check it out)

~Fuji Film has asked to use this 3d scene (link) for a poster. To be used to promote a Lenticular printing technology currently being developed in their graphic arts department.

~The internationally distributed Imagine FX Fantasy and Sci-Fi digital art magazine will be promoting several pieces of my artwork with a brief biography in the Oct./Nov issue.
Look for the article within the pages of the 'Reader Expose" section.

~The Hierograph: Volume Two book will be completed and available this Winter by Twenty2six publications. This art book compiles eclectic comic and fantasy artwork from several artists and will include 5 of my Vue lanscape pieces.

~Demi the Demoness is in Production!
After being published in Demi's Pin-Up Diary by Carnal Comics earlier this year, I've been asked to participate in the film by producing some 3d images to be used for scene transision in the adult film.
Press Release:
San Diego CA, Aug 14th 2007 – The popularity of Super-hero & fantasy movies in general (not to mention Japanese anime) has put pressure on adult filmmakers to step up to the challenge of creating x-rated sci-fi & fantasy stories as well. Several adult film companies have already done comic oriented or sci-fi themed movies.
More to come...(!)

~I have submitted 10 images to the 'Impact Books Rising stars of Fantastic Art competition' by F+W Publications and I'm hoping to be included in one of their books in the future...finalists will be notified by Nov. 1st. Keep your fingers crossed.

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