GraphixRob Studios October/November News

~FujiFilm Graphic Systems, USA Inc.

Frank S. at FujiFilm Graphic Arts Products department came through with the Graphixrob lenticular print poster. The Crash Landing image was used to create a fantastic 3D poster. The poster will be distributed to the entire sales team and used to promote the unique printing technology. The picture (below) does not do the gorgeous 24" poster justice.
The poster did not photograph very well for obvious reasons.

Screen shot of the Lenticular process being translated

~Imagine FX Magazine Article

I was recently notified that the Imagine FX magazine article featuring several pieces of artwork and short bio will be published in the January 2008 (Issue #25).

~Demi the Demoness

The adult movie: Demi The Demoness has begun preproduction.

GraphixRob Studios will provide a few 3D images of castles and other fantasy shots. The images will be used to establish set locations and for scene transitions.

~The Envaryan Chronicles: Book 1

GraphixRob Studios images have been chosen to highlight 2 chapters of the latest project for the musical artists 'Rhythmic Symphony'.

The Envaryan Chronicles: Book 1 is an original story centered on the immortal city of Envarya. Each chapter has been written in lyrical form and put to music, making each song a chapter, and each album a book.

Check the links for much more information regarding 'The Envaryan Chronicles' and 'Rhythmic Symphony'

~Renderosity Halloween contest

I recently entered the 7th annual Halloween contest .
The contest theme is "Dinner With the Dead".
The Judging Phase is: Tuesday, October 23, 2007 to Tuesday, October 30, 2007.
The winners will be announced on Wednesday, October 31st by midnight in the Contest forum, the Community forum, and on the Renderosity FrontPage!

See the semi-gross entry (here)

and on a similar note...
~Computer Graphics World magazine
I was contacted by the contest moderator soon after posting the Halloween contest entry to inform me that:

"A small, hand-full of Halloween Contest entries have been selected for possible consideration in a special feature story in Computer Graphics World Magazine. And your image was one of them!"
Keep your fingers crossed for the inclusion of the image titled: "Appetite for Ghastly Delights".

We'll see what happens in the November issue of CGW...


My European artist representitive agency Aker Art Studio has approached a "big" publishing company for a possible art book deal.

According to my rep., this publisher has produced books for some of the most recognized European sci-fi and fantasy artists including: Luis Royo, Azpiri among others.

Stay tuned for the outcome on this one... go get em' Pedro!
~Impact Books
After entering the Impact Books contest: Rising Stars of Fantastic Art and waiting (with much anticipation) for a response, I was notified that the contest has been cancelled and "We remain hopeful that we’ll be able to revisit this in the future."
Massive GYP???
Anyway, as always check out my most recent 2D and 3D images at these friendly sites:

'Graphixrob' Update

As of 10/3:
~The art representative agency Aker Art Studio (AAS) will be soliciting my artwork in Europe and the US. They are associated with some really great artists and seem to have strong connections. Their offices are in Barcelona, Spain.

~My new 3D landscape artwork (yet to be determined) will be included in the 3rd Volume of The Hierograph comic anthology due out in early 08.

~The Museum of Computer Art (MOCA) will be exhibiting my 3D artwork on their virtual museum website.
MOCA: Museum of Computer Art (established 1994) is host to hundreds of world-class digital artists and thousands of their images, all available for viewing. It is one of the most heavily-trafficked, comprehensive, frequently-updated and respected digital art museums on the Web.

~The cover artwork is now complete:
This horror anthology will be in stores in the spring.

~ImagineFX magazine will be out within the next few days. The magazine will include a short bio and a few Graphixrob images...can't wait to see it!


As always check out my new artwork weekly

And also here:

Buy the artbook "The Very Best of GraphixRob" Volume I:
Artbook description:
The book includes;
~A mix of traditional art techniques: pencil, pen and ink and acrylic painting.
~Computer generated artwork using various 2D and 3D graphics programs including Adobe Photoshop, Autodesk 3ds max, E-ON Vue, Curious Labs Poser and others.
Rob's artistic inspirations include:
~fantasy painters from many eras
~science fiction and classic Universal monster movies
~60's and 70's ‘pop’ art
~mainstream and underground comic book art.

Until next time..Cheers!